Our Target Group

We focus on medium sized companies which need special temporary support. Young companies, a new product, team expansions , new markets. Those are the challenges we love.

Our Ambition

The culture of your company is at the center of our attention. Your strategic approach determines our action. It is our goal to leave you with a project your employees can continue succesfully.

Others just give advise. We realize ideas !

Our Process

First we investigate extensively the tasks and duties of the company and the related objectives. We analyze the details and work out possible implementation strategies. You give green light and we take over the task and responsibility. The course of the project remains transparent for you throughout the process. We evaluate the market, negotiate with external partners, examine legal frameworks and develop possible market entry strategies. We train your company's employees in the new tasks and assist you if necessary with the expansion of the team. Working with our team will be worth the investment.

The Result

For us a project is completed only, when your motivated employees  continue it sucessfully.