Consulting Portfolio



The depth of my experience was gathered during my many years of leading a diagnostics company, I built an international company with 50 employees from the ground up. I know what you are going through. Extensive knowledge and experience in various laboratories of routine diagnostics and microbiological research are the basis for competent technical discussions.

From Helene Schulze I learned to always listen to what the users in the market actually need. This theme has accompanied me ever since and is an important prerequisite for successful development work.

Specialist Counseling

We do not just advise and analyse, we support your projects proactively.

Helene Schulze not only offers business ideas and strategies, but also takes responsibility for the actual implementation with the help of competent temporary personnel.


Since 2004 I have supported diverse temporary projects at different companies. Typically I am closely involved in my consulting projects and in the organizational structure of my client´s companies.


To accompany my professional life I have been active in the associations of each industry and maintained the contacts of my 30 years of international activity. I also bring my experience to the start­up scene in an advisory role, and I have reviewed business plans for many years in the life science industry.

Established companies and start-ups - two very different and enriching worlds

Helene Schulze has a strong strategic approach, she is higly enganged and she knows how to get colluagues and employees excited.

Your Consultant

Helene Schulze Since 2004 I enjoy realizing projects for stratgeic business devoloment in the diagnostic industry. Joining my customers, creating and realizing ideas together with them appeals to me. My experience in successfully starting two companies, and my motivation to transform ideas into reality benefits my customers.


My heart beats for the implementation of new ideas.