air Umwelt GmbHStart-ups

Initial Situation

A university professor had the idea to establish a company which - unlike the competition - judged problems caused by all environmental impacts and not only some aspects. Appropriate partners had to be won and decisions about legal forms and contracts needed to be made.

Experts bundle their knowledge and start a company to comprehensively analyse enviromental impacts.

For me, Helene Schulze has been providing reliable management in which I have high confidence; technically, administratively and personally.



I held talks with potential partners, coordinated first meetings and evaluated appropriate legal forms. After establishing the group, I prepared the company statutes. air Umwelt GmbH was founded in 2004 with me as sole managing director and co-partner.



The company has a good reputation in the field of risk analysis and evaluation of environmental influences. The number of shareholders has been extended over the years. Today air Umwelt GmbH bundles the expertise of professors in the fields of biology, environmental hygiene, medicine, architecture, indoor pollutants, aqueous sewage and climate research. This provides air Umwelt GmbH with a comprehensive package for the assessment of environmental impacts and remediation of environmental damage.

Often, air Umwelt Gmb is being confronted with highly complex questions. We are able to give comprehensive answers to our customers. This underlines our idea of foundation.