Evaluation of market potential and market entry strategiesOpening up new Markets

Initial Situation

Companies in various industries are approaching us to check for expansion into other markets. This involves market structures, admission requirements and the reimbursement by health insurance companies as part of the legal regulations.

Market survey, competition analysis and partner identification

There is no need to know all markets, but to work with experts helps to know them.



First I work on the details of my client's products and the competition. Then I discuss with reference institutions and opinion leaders. My many years of active participation in various working groups of diagnostic associations and networks assure me of deeper access to especially relevant legal, regulatory and commercial information. I identify suitable partners and make a preselection in consultation with my clients. I establish contacts, present the products and prepare negotiations on possible sales cooperations. I accompany the cooperation actively at the beginning, support product and sales training, help with the preparation of sales budgets and secure communication between the two companies.

Being an active partner of a project appeals to me. To support both partners in the initial phase of cooperation is joy for me and gives security to the partners.