Business ExpansionStrategic Business Development

Initial Situation

Business was stable for years with slight growth in annual sales and earnings. The products were introduced in the German market long ago. The portfolio consisted entirely of in-house developments which were prepared internally. The customers were served by the administrative services and a sales representative  for all of Germany. The company had little presence at trade fairs. The management had scant market information. To make  the right decisions for business  expansion with additional products or targeting new markets, greater market presence was required. Investments in additional sales personnel, however, would probably not lead to significant increases in sales due to market saturation.

Enhanced market survey through additional products and team expansion.

Joint projects with Helene Schulze is bringing together Menschen and Organisations.I am deeply pleased how also companies benefit.



Based on market research, I proposed to expand the product line with trade goods from a foreign vendor. The resultant expected revenue increases made it possible to enlarge the sales team. Once the internal structures for the distribution of foreign products were created, I acquired more products from other manufacturers for international distribution. For the management, it was important to motivate team members to participate actively. Here I worked with my partner Manfred Gabl ( While Schulze Consult assumes responsibility for the administrative, structural and organizational issues, Manfred Gabl cares about the people. He promotes their mental strength and leads them to become independent, highly motivated and decisive staff members for their new job.



The company is well represented in the market. After three years, the share of commercial goods in total sales amounted to about 30%. The internal structures have been established to receive additional products.