Impulse of CooperationsStrategic Business Development

Initial Situation

The company had well-established products in the market. The methods were partially recognized as reference methods and were used in reference institutions. Allthough a high level of expertise in the respective fileds existed in the company, there were no ideas for further developments.

New products due to expansion of know-how

Bundeling competencies and open exchange lead to creative vision.



I worked on the competences within the company and held talks with reference institutions, opinion leaders and potential cooperation partners that have complementary expertise. I brought the company into networks and focused the attention of potential partners on existing competences. I elicited funding opportunities for cooperation projects.



Through cooperation with other partners the know-how of my client could be expaaded. It was possible to bundle the respective existing expertise. New product ideas could be generated, and together with partners new products were developed. A research department was established. Today, the company is constantly involved in several cooperation projects.

For me, research coperation is the realisation of "1 + 1 =3"