MERLIN Diagnostika GmbHStart-ups

Initial Situation

I had access to almost completely developed microbiological products. The first ones had already been produced abroad, and there were initial customer contacts in Germany. However, due to strategic decisions by the manufacturer, the product line was discontinued. Because a buy-out was impossible, I decided in 1990 - together with a colleague  - to start our own company to produce and distribute the products independently.

Founding of a diagnostic company with research, production and international distribution.

The leadership of Mrs. Schulze does not only give me the feeling of being an employee, but also a colleague, idea developer, an important part in the company, but especially to be human.



We created a business plan, acquired additional partners from our scientific environment and built an independent company for the production and distribution of microbiological diagnostics.



After a few years MERLIN had 50 employees, its own research department, international sales and research collaborations. Today MERLIN is an internationally recognized microbiological diagnostics company. My main responsibilities as commercial director from 1990 to 2004 were sales and marketing, administration, shareholder matters (international group of shareholders). In 2004 I sold my shares and handed over the active management to my successor.

Starting MERLIN Diagnstnostika was the incentive for further deveolpment. The many years of various tasks are a valuable base for me.