Motivation and Team FormationStrategic Business Development

Initial Situation

Distribution consisted of two teams (customer service with office duties and sales staff in the field). Because of a product range expansion and expected sales increases of > 20%, both teams were strengthened by additional staff. It was our task to organize the different teams to become one. Long-time employees needed to be familiarized with the new structures and new assignments. New co-workes had to be found and integrated.

A group of experts become a team.

Mrs. Schulze does not impose her ideas but convinced me and turns me into a highly motivated, creative part.



We initiated projects for employee development and team building. In collaboration with my partner Manfred Gabl ( the mental training served as team forming event (Teamschmiede). The goal was to mentally strengthen the team members and to develop a matching leadership style for the company.



The team is working as a self-organizing team . Team members solve emerging problems largely amongst themselves. Cooperation between the sales and field staffs runs smoothly, and they help each other -even with joy. The employees are motivated - many highly so - and see  themselves as an important part of the whole enterprise and assume more responsibility. Thus,  manager time is freed up to handle strategic tasks for faster development of the entire company.

"A self-organizing team". On several ocasions Manfrd Gabl and me have seen how easy motivation, creativity and success is growing due to that.